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Julian Assange’s status in the Ecuadorian embassy has been in jeopardy over the past months. We'll update this blog daily; get in touch to add events


The Embassy’s visitor logs – maintained by Ecuador – show no such visits, since they did not occur. Paul Manafort and Assange have both issued statements unequivocally denying the alleged visits. WikiLeaks is fundraising to sue the Guardian for libel

US has charged Julian Assange: reactions and coverage

"Any charges brought against WikiLeaks for their publishing activities pose a profound and incredibly dangerous threat to press freedom."

Protection Action: Ecuadorian Hearing

The forced, arbitrary incommunication imposed on Julian Assange for seven months was the subject of a protective action measure before a court in Quito on 25 and 29 October 2018

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Courage appoints Nathan Fuller as Acting Director and wishes Naomi Colvin all success in future endeavors

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A sentencing hearing will be held 23 August at 10am ET, in Augusta, Georgia; Reality may choose to make a statement and call witnesses to mitigate her sentence


Stuart Scott becomes the second UK citizen to benefit from post-McKinnon extradition protections